Group Gifting on the modern way of gifting

Online group gifting is a new innovative way through which friends and family can collect money together to purchase a valuable gift, or raise funds for any special occasion. 

Using technology has made money collection much more convenient and hassle-free than the traditional offline method.

Why should I use Group gifting on

Group gifts are increasingly becoming popular nowadays, especially for birthdays, Teachers’ Day, and Mother’s Day. Below are some of the reasons why you should opt for online group gifting on

You can create your group gift for any event!

It gives you the opportunity to offer and receive valuable gifts that are usually out of reach.

The guests can contribute the amount of their choice, therefore staying in their budget.

  It’s logistically easy to manage your online group gift on You get to see in real time who has or hasn’t contributed and allow members to make direct online contributions on their own schedule.

You can invite friends from all over the world to contribute. Online contribution on is 100% secure.

How does it work?

The steps for creating an online group gift are as follows:

1.First, you create a wishlist on for free.

2.You can then browse collection of gifting ideas and select the desired gift(s).

3.Once your list is ready, you may share the link with your friends and family by email, Facebook or WhatsApp to invite them to participate.

4.Each group member can contribute the amount of their choice. – Makes your gifting easier

Forget about the old-fashioned ‘paper envelope’ money collection method or going through the pain of searching for individual gifts that your loved one may not even cherish. Create a group gift and collect money online with your friends and family for any of your happy events! It is fast, easy and fun!

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