Gifting trends in Lebanon: 5 reasons why you should create a gift wishlist

The gifting market in Lebanon has grown significantly in recent years, as people are becoming more aspirational and seize the opportunity to celebrate occasions.

Also, new events have made their way into the Lebanese culture such as baby showers, sweet sixteen, bachelorettes, and others. Moreover, celebrations for children have also increased in grandeur and allure. Occasions have become an opportunity for big celebrations where the exchange of gifts plays an important role.

While gift giving is a great way to express one’s feelings and to show affection, finding the right gifts for an increasing number of occasions becomes a challenge, especially in our modern, busy lives. Thus, the need for a fast and easy solution:, your online wishlist for all your events. reinvents and reshapes the gifting experience by making it easier, more practical and fun.

Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for gift wishlists on for your happy events:

1- It’s the easiest way to get what you really want and need

We all love receiving gifts! But is your closet filling up with unwanted gifts? Trying to return and exchange gifts becomes a real hassle and a waste of time, and re-gifting is socially embarrassing. Why not receive gifts you truly desire?  Why not relieve the pressure and anxiety on your friends and family trying to guess which gifts would make you happy?  By creating your online wishlist on and sharing it with your friends and family,  you make it easier for you and your guests to choose the right gifts that you really want.

2- You are sure the recipients will appreciate the gifts you offer them

How many times have you struggled to find the right gifts for your loved ones, fearing that they might be disappointed? Well a recent study showed that people tend to appreciate the gifts they had explicitly requested more than the gifts they did not. Also, 68% of recipients considered gifts selected from their wishlists to be more thoughtful and considerate. After all, isn’t the whole point of gift giving about making the recipient happy and offering them what they really want?

3- It saves time, effort, and money

Think of all the gifts exchanged every year that end up going to waste (unused, piled in the closet, given away, re-gifted) because the recipient doesn’t like them or use them. All that money could have gone toward things that would be truly useful and appreciated. Not to forget the amount of time spent on shopping and all the anxiety and the pressure we put on ourselves to find the perfect gifts. And if in the end, the gifts are not wanted or needed, we waste the recipients’ time who now need to exchange them. And this wasted time and energy is valuable.

Choosing gifts from an online wishlist on is the best way to please your gift recipients without wasting time, energy and money. You order the gift your recipient wants to get and you’re done! Simple and efficient.

4- You can customize your wishlist with innovative and useful gifting ideas

Wishlists have moved far beyond just material gifts. The trend nowadays is to opt for more innovative and more practical gifts, such as experiences that help you build memories (i.e. hiking trips, scuba diving classes, photo shooting sessions, etc..), gift cards and cash funds. Donations to charity can also be added to your wishlist and represent a very thoughtful gift that allow you to share happy moments with people in need.

When creating your wishlist, make sure you pick the right platform like that provides you with a wide variety of gifting ideas and services according to your needs.

5- There’s something for every budget!

You may add to your wishlist gifts for all budgets, making it easy for your family and friends to select the gifts within their means. It is also recommended that you use a wishlist platform that offers group gifting like This way, your guests can collect money together to purchase a more valuable gift while contributing the amount of their choice.

Ready to offer and receive the perfect gift? is a free and innovative online gifting platform that makes your dream gifts come true for any of your happy events! It takes a few simple clicks to create your online wishlist on, add to it your desired gifts, share it with your family and friends by email, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Family and friends can either purchase a gift from your list or just contribute money with the amount of their choice.

You can choose from our wide selection of gifting collections and ideas, including experiences, and gift cards, all in one place and from the comfort of your couch!

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