The 5 types of gift givers: which one are you?

The holiday season is around the corner, and when it comes to gift shopping, people have different behaviors. Some throw themselves into present buying, while others can’t wait for the whole gift anxiety period to be over. And when it comes to gift selection, some would go for practical gifts while others take their time to choose a personalized gift for each and every one. Gift giving habits can tell a lot about your personality. Here are 5 common types of gift givers. Which one are you?

1- The caring gift giver

If you’re this type, then you’re the gift giver everyone wishes to have! You love gifting your family and friends and spend real time thinking about what kind of present might make them happy. You never fail to impress them with your gifting skills. You’re thoughtful and perfectionist; it’s no jokes when it comes to gifts, they have to be just right, unique for each person, and truly show how much you care for your loved ones. We bet Christmas is your favorite time of the year!

2- The practical gift giver

You’re the practical giver if, for you, it is out of question to waste time and money on gifts that are beautiful but that your recipients may not actually want or need. You believe that the best gift is the simplest and the most practical. Gift cards are your favorite choice. You can’t wrong with that. Your recipients can get what they really want and most likely get a good deal on it with post-holiday sales. When you’re invited to a wedding, the first thing you check is the wedding registry and you wish there were registries for all events!

3- The Ultra-generous

If you feel the need to impress your recipients with fabulous gifts that should most importantly look expensive, and if you would not hesitate to offer a big piece of jewelry or the coolest watch to your 3-month date, then you probably are the ultra-generous giver. Gift-giving is all part of your need to see yourself well-reflected. Nevertheless, your recipients are often excited to get your amazing and generous gifts😊

4- The anxious gift giver

You fit into this category if the holiday season is a stressful time for you because of all the pressure you put on yourself to find the “perfect” gifts to your loved ones. You tend to spend a considerable amount of time trying to make the right impression and gain others’ approval. You wonder: “Will my gifts make me look like I’m thoughtful or thoughtless? Do they look valuable or cheap?” You often feel the need to visit several trendy shops, check the internet for more options and ask your recipient’s friends and family for help, before picking the right gift. The good thing is that your loved ones are often impressed with your gifts😊

5- The last-minute shopper

If you’re the one who doesn’t go shopping until Christmas eve and ends up spending way more on gifts because of the fewer options left, then you are the last-minute shopper. You’re not the typical holiday shopper who likes to plan ahead but you rather tend to rush, hoping to find the gifts your family and friends will like. Luckily, you have your last-minute back-up gifts for every occasion that usually include gift cards, flowers and bottles of wine!

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