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Be part of the trendiest gifting solution to better answer your customers needs. With hadiyati, you can:

Gain new customers

You can easily start selling online by using our ready-to-use platform and access a high number of internet users and increase your sales.

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Display your products and services on our site, raise awareness for your brand, and increase your visibility through our social media channels.

No monthly fees

Use our services with no initiation fees and no monthly fees.
Why do our customers use hadiyati?


It’s free for our customers to create and share their wishlist with their friends and family


To create a wishlist and add gifts from multiple stores in a few clicks

Unique Gifts

Whether in Lebanon or abroad, our customers can offer their loved ones gifts that wow them

Group Gifting

Our customers can offer a common valuable gift with a group of people for any event


All transactions are secure and customer data is protected

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