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We’re hadiyati.com, the online gifting service that aims at making your dream gifts come true for any of your happy events.

About hadiyati services

Best friends since childhood, Rhea and Mireille, are the co-founders of hadiyati.com.

Rhea first came up with the idea of an online wishlist out of a personal need with her two kids who receive plenty of gifts for their birthdays and for Christmas, that are not all necessary and often end up in a closet. So she wished she could receive the gifts her kids really needed. And this is how hadiyati.com is born. Hadiyati is an online service where you can easily create an online wishlist for any of your happy events (Birthday, Baby Birth, Christmas, Eid EL-Fitr, etc.), add to it the items you would like to receive and share it with your family and friends by email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. Friends and Family can then either purchase your gifts or simply contribute money with the amount of their choice.

Mireille lives abroad and she finds difficulties in sending gifts to her friends and family in Lebanon due to the lack of gifting solutions. And that’s why hadiyati also serves as a gifting solution that allows Lebanese living abroad to easily and securely offer their loved ones in Lebanon trending gifts that get delivered right to their doorsteps.

And that’s not all… With hadiyati, you can collect money with a group of people, wherever they are located, to offer one common valuable gift, for example for mother’s day, teacher’s day, for a personal project, a farewell party or a friend’s birthday.

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At hadiyati, we are passionate about innovation. We mostly care for our society and we believe that together we are stronger. Whether you’re living in Lebanon or abroad, join us in our journey and create an account now on hadiyati.com to benefit from our gifting ideas and services.

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